Small Groups provide the opportunity to build connections through Bible study, fellowship, prayer, accountability and love. FJBC offers a variety of Small Groups that fit every age and phase of life. We encourage you to find the Small Group that is right for you by visiting, interacting and experiencing them for yourself. 

Adult Small Groups

Current Adult Small Group options:

Vellenoweth Small Group
Sunday, 9:15 am on FJBC Campus
Sermon-based Bible Study

Tennyson Small Group
Wednesday, 7 pm via Zoom
Working through the Gospels

Needham Small Group
Sunday, 9:15 am on FJBC Campus (starts September 20)
Sermon-based Bible Study

Craft Small Group
Sunday, 9:15 am
Working through a book of the Bible

Windham Small Group
Tuesday, 7pm
Priscilla Shier’s “The Armor of God”

Jacques Small Group
Sunday, 9:15 am
Sermon-based study

Middleton/Bradham Women’s Small Group
Thursday, 7pm (Starts October 1)
Priscilla Shier’s “The Armor of God”

Kids & Student Small Groups

Kids Small Groups and Student Small Groups meet on the FJBC campus at 9:15 am on Sunday mornings. The Gospel Project curriculum is used from 2 years through 4th grade.

2-3 years old, led by Ms. Cindy and Ms. Judy
4K & 5K, led by Mr. Mark & Ms. Gina
1st & 2nd grades, led by Ms. Wendy and Mr. Tommy
3rd & 4th grades, led by Ms. Debbie and Mr. Don
Middle School, led by Bert & Lauren B.
High School, led by Shannon Elliott
College, led by Scott & Sandy W.